Structured Cabling

Technorb Systems provides professional design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling and network infrastructure components. We specialize in the installation and integration of network cabling solutions from copper (Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7), fiber optic Single mode and Multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS1, OS2) telephone/voice networks and coaxial cables.

We partner with industry leading products from premiere manufacturers, thus enabling us to provide our clients with the high performance that they demand.

We provide solutions that are practical and cost-effective, as well as solution that have advanced management and high-performance features. Our product offering includes designs that perfectly integrate with any surrounding.

At Technorb Systems we provide various structured cabling related services such as:

  • Analysis and Consultation
  • Design and Engineering
  • Installation and Implementation
  • Training and Maintenance
Network Active Components

We, Technorb Systems understand the dynamic business needs that arise in a competitive environment. Our range of IT solutions, backed by our team of highly trained & certified engineers, provide you the right designed IT solution that works for the client’s specific business.

Our solutions are designed keeping in mind the current and future business needs, while optimizing the solution to help reduce overall IT costs, and also provide a greater level of security and operability.

Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Solution

Technorb Engineering team will develop the data center- Hot /cold aisle containment system design requirement and will implement as per the industry standards . Hot /cold aisle containment system is a layout design for server racks and other computing equipment in a data center. The goal of a hot aisle/cold aisle containment configuration is to conserve energy and lower cooling costs by managing air flow.

1. Cold Aisle Containment System

A cold-aisle containment system (CACS) encloses the cold aisle, allowing the rest of the data center to become a large hot-air return plenum. By containing the cold aisle, the hot and cold air streams are separated.

2. Hot Aisle Containment system

A hot-aisle containment system (HACS) encloses the hot aisle to collect the IT equipment’s hot exhaust air, allowing the rest of the data center to become a large cold-air return plenum. By containing the hot aisle, the hot and cold air streams are separated.

Wi-Fi System

Our experienced team can conceive and implement solutions for office developments, residential structured and other service oriented developments such as retail, leisure and transportation facilities. We deliver all components necessary to create a developed, safe and reliable WLAN network.

Our network solutions are adapted to the Client’s needs which are supported by considerable experience of our team of engineers in the integration of WiFi solutions.

Telephone Systems

We provide our customers with the next-generation of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes.

Our range of phone system are designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses, networked branch and large office operations. We install, support and maintain all Digital PABX and IP phone systems to ensure you can meet the communications needs of your business.

Our telephone services also include telephone cabling, testing and commissioning.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System

A UPS allows for the safe, orderly shutdown of a device and its connected equipments. The size and design of a UPS determine how long it will supply power. We, Technorb understand that UPS is key to running a business and how integral it is to proceed the operational assets of an organization. Out team of experienced and qualified engineers are capable to design and execute the installation, and commissioning the exact UPS as per project requirement.

Technorb’s power protection portfolio is a unique line of UPS designed to solve power quality issues for commercial and industrial applications; leading the industry in innovation and technology.