Security & Alarm Systems

Video Surveillance

At Technorb Systems, we provide a range of CCTV security & surveillance systems to secure people and property. We offer an extensive range of innovative and high-quality surveillance products and solutions that feature intelligent analytics functionality. We are specialized in Thermal imaging cameras too.

We also offer Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle number plates. ANPR cameras are used in a variety of applications such as Parking, Access Control, Toll Gates, Border Control, Speed Enforcement, and Law Enforcement.

We provide our customers with flexible solutions that grow with their surveillance requirements and will follow authority guidelines.

Our team of CCTV engineers and installers has extensive experience in installing large scale CCTV surveillance projects in different industries such as:

  • Financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Trading
Access Control

Access Control Systems provide the ability to limit and track who goes in and out of your protected facility. Whether you need control access to a large multi-site facility, or a smaller installation with a few doors, we provide flexible solutions that adapt to your security environment.

Technorb Systems LLC has solutions to implement state-of-the-art access control environment that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you an enterprise class security solution. Our systems are designed to scale as your organization grows.

Our access control solutions include:

  • People access – Card/PIN based or biometric based access control
  • Vehicle Barrier / Gate Barrier Systems
  • Other enterprise access control systems
Parking Management System

Finding and managing parking is a problem in modern cities across the works. We offer parking management system that provide maximum security and reliability.

We offer the required hardware and software which is designed using latest technologies that enable efficient usage of any parking space. The system can provide real-time monitoring of parking space condition (availability, temperature changes), management (reservations, etc.) and may be connected to other customer control systems (barriers, lighting, ventilation).

Our solutions include parking management systems, parking guidance systems, and parking revenue collection systems. Get in touch with us to help us provide you with your parking solution.

Our solutions suit small-medium businesses, hospitality, retail, education, financial, entertainment, government and more.

Barriers & Bollard

We provide a range of Boom Barriers, Bollards, Swing and Slide Gate Openers, Hydraulic Operators, Road Barriers, and an entire line of solutions for added security at your home or business. Our experienced engineers will work with you to suggest that solution, best suited for your requirement. Our solutions have been implemented for various government and private sector projects.

Disabled Toilet Alarm System

Disabled toilet alarm system is commonly used in all toilets for the disabled , but it can also function as an alarm device for emergency assistance in fitting rooms, solariums, interview rooms, reception desks, etc.

We Technorb Systems, provides the full solution which contains a complete set of alarm system such as controller, signal lamp, reset point and panic strip. The system elements can be freely extended.

Nurse Call System

Hospitals are working to enhance communication and nursing workflows. Right from locating a nurse and to responding to a patient’s request for a proper communication and alert system is important. One of the approaches to resolving this is through the implementation of a unified nurse calling system.

Nurse calling system enable nurses and patients to interact and for nurses to get real-time notification on patient status and respond to patient requests

We offer Nurse Calling Systems new solutions that are IP based systems that can exchange messages, voice and data. Some of the newer nurse calling systems offer several advantages, such as:

  • The ability to use RTLS (Real-time Location System) to locate a nurse on the floor.
  • Allow bi-directional communication between patient-nurse or physician-nurse
  • Integration with medical devices to alert nurses of a patient’s condition.
  • Electronic dashboards that show real-time location of nurses, room status, patient info and current staff distribution.
  • Wireless communication to utilize existing infrastructure without incurring additional wiring costs
  • Interoperability where the system can interact with other medical devices as well as HIS (Hospital Information System)
Traffic Management System

Technorb Systems provides Traffic Management strategy in which traffic signal timing changes , or adapts , based on actual traffic demand. We use an adaptive traffic control system consisting of both hardware and software.

Our Engineers design, audit and implement traffic control plans in various fields such as flagging, lane closures, detours, full freeway closures, pedestrian access, sidewalk closures, etc.

Queue Management System

We provide an effective & systematic queue management system designed to ensure disciplined & guided customer experience.

The solution provides options to the organization for promoting information among the waiting client/customers. Customers are selecting the predefined services from a touch screen kiosk, taking a token and waiting in a reserved space for required services. The system is announcing the tokens with displaying the counter number.

Key Management System

With Technorb Systems Key Management System, we ensure that our clients always knows who has access a specific premises, thereby giving them peace of mind that only authorized personnel have access to certain areas. It gives them complete control over generating, exchanging, storing, using and replacing keys as needed at the user level and makes them maintain high possible level of security for their properties.